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The Future of Media in Tampa Bay


Who is going to cover Tampa's Daily News when the TampaTribune is gone in the coming weeks, months or years?  We talk with Tommy Duncan -- Founder and Editor of one of Tampa Bay's largest blogs --  Sticks of Fire about the future of news reporting in Tampa Bay.  Join me tonight at 9p Wednesday, November 20 to discuss the future of news in Tampa Bay.

Repairing The American Brand in One Night

The election last night of Senator Barack Obama has done what electing John McCain could not.  It has shown to the world that the United States will again become a respected member of the world community.  Gone is the "wanted dead or alive" B-movie foreign policy of the Bush Administration.  Replaced by a steady hand. 

Obama is a student of the world - someone who is acutely aware that America's leading position in the world depends on developing and maintaining loyal friendships with other like-minded countries .  I had the pleasure of interviewing Retired Four Star Airforce General Lloyd "Fig" Newton on my show just prior to the election. (click on past shows button - October 24 show to hear my interview) General Newton, a lifelong Republican, who supported Obama during the campaign, said that one of Obama's greatest strengths was his understanding of the complexities of participating in the world community.  General Newton also joined current Centcom Commander David Petreaus in saying that we can't shoot our way out of the problems throughout of the world. 

While the election of Obama will not immediately repair all the damage wrought by 8 years of jingoistic swagger promulgated by the Viceroy of Crawford - it sends a message to the world that the United States is again ready to lead the world community by example, not by bluster.
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