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No Soup For You Detroit


No Soup for you Detroit Automakers...

Here is a partial list of banks who got served in the Feds Soup Kitchen...

$15,000,000,000Bank of America Corporation
$3,000,000,000Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
$25,000,000,000Citigroup Inc.
$10,000,000,000The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
$25,000,000,000JPMorgan Chase & Co.
$10,000,000,000Morgan Stanley
$2,000,000,000State Street Corporation
$25,000,000,000Wells Fargo & Company
$10,000,000,000Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
$17,000,000Bank of Commerce Holdings
$16,369,0001st FS Corporation
$298,737,000UCBH Holdings, Inc.
$1,576,000,000Northern Trust Corporation
$3,500,000,000SunTrust Banks, Inc.
$9,000,000Broadway Financial Corporation
$200,000,000Washington Federal Inc.
$3,133,640,000BB&T Corp.
$151,500,000Provident Bancshares Corp.
$214,181,000Umpqua Holdings Corp.
$2,250,000,000Comerica Inc.
$3,500,000,000Regions Financial Corp.
$3,555,199,000Capital One Financial Corporation
$866,540,000First Horizon National Corporation
$1,398,071,000Huntington Bancshares
$300,000,000Valley National Bancorp
$1,400,000,000Zions Bancorporation
$1,715,000,000Marshall & Ilsley Corporation
$6,599,000,000U.S. Bancorp
$361,172,000TCF Financial Corporation

Who are the Nuts in Front of the Anthony House


I just watched the Orange County Sheriff admonish citizens not to cause trouble in front of Casey Anthony's parents house.  This news conference was in connection with the discovery of the body of a child not too far from the Anthony's house.  It quite possibly could be the body of missing Caylee Anthony.

I never bought the story that the kid was alive. This is a terrible tragedy.  No one disputes that. 

But my other question is -- WHO are the nuts that spend their days in front of the Anthony's house provoking fights with Anthony's parents? 

Don't they have something better to do.

And on what planet do the Casey Anthony's parents live?

The Anthony Grandparents may be the first Larry King guests to go from the set to the cell. 

As you read this the Orange County Sheriff deputies are searching George and Cindy Anthony's house. 

Florida's Blagojevich

Everyone I talk with is just so shocked at how brazen Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was in demanding a job for himself and his wife in exchange for government resources. 

Yes, it's true that Governor Blagojevich was both profane and direct in going about improving his job prospects in advance of his planned exit from the Governor's chair.  But why is everyone so shocked about what is happening in Illinois when our own House Speaker-in-waiting has done Blagojevich one better. 

Incoming Florida Speaker Ray Sansom found a way to cut a deal to earn a state funded salary in excess of $100,000 per year - paid by the taxpayers - at an obscure Panhandle state college WHILE in office.  Now that's one move even Blagojevich appears unable to pull off.  At least Blagojevich was waiting to take the pay-to-play job upon leaving office.

Look, Rep. Ray Sansom had never sniffed an annual income near $100,000 until he found a way to direct $25,000,000 in state buidling funds to his new employer - Northwest Florida State College.

Remember - never trust a guy who's first words are "Yes I'm qualified for the job!"  If you have to make that statement - then you clearly are unqualified. 

If the accusations are proven true with regard to Blagojevich and Sansom -- then the specific facts may be different, but the story is identical...  Both will have benefited financially at the expense of the taxpayers in exchange for the appropriation of state resources.

If Sansom has any sense of right and wrong he should step down as Speaker of the House and resign his $110,000 job at Northwest Florida State College.

I'm not holding my breath.





I-4 Corridor - Home to Florida's Next U.S. Senator


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s people are putting out the word that he will decide within the month whether to run for the open U.S. Senate Seat created by Mel Martinez’s abrupt departure.  Word on the Street is that Jeb is huddled with lawyers looking at the feasibility of changing his legal name from John Ellis Bush to John Ellis before deciding to throw his hat in the ring.  Current Governor and soon to be husband Charlie Crist looks to be staying put in Tallahassee.


On the Democratic side current Florida CFO Alex Sink’s people are saying that she is leaning toward running for another term as CFO. Recent Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Davis appears to be staying put in his lobbying job with Tampa-based law firm Holland and Knight.


Assuming Jeb’s people give him the thumbs down on changing his last name, and Alex Sink agrees to continue as the State’s Financial Mother Teresa – then there are Tampa Bay Pols with higher elective office ambitions who would be very interested.  Both will soon be kicked to the curb by those pesky term limits. 


Rick Baker (Current Republican Mayor of St. Pete) vs.

Secretary of State for Life (Or at least through an Obama Presidency)


2008-12-02 President-elect Obama's pick of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State is being hailed from folks on both sides of the aisle as a shrewd pick for both political and diplomatic reasons.  It's hard to question Obama's judgement, since most every move he's made in the last 2 years has turned out to be correct.  Politically the Clinton makes sense - he takes a potential rival in 2012 off the table - for now (Somewhere Jimmy Carter is sitting in a hotel room today mumbling - "If I'd only given Teddy the HEW job in '77).  Diplomatically it appears Obama receives a two-for-one deal with Senator Clinton and the former President in position to open diplomatic doors with nary a phone call.  

My only question -- what happens in the event that Hillary, Bill - or both - go off the proverbial reservation.  Then what?  You can't fire Hillary and come away unscathed, Can you?  

I know that the President-elect keeps repeating the mantra "There is only one president"  -- My concern -  does Bill Clinton subscribe to that mantra?

Stay Tuned.





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