The Race To Define Alex Sink

It's a brave new world in Florida politics this morning. First time candidate Rick Scott is the Republican nominee for Governor and Bill McCollum is now a three-time loser. On the Democratic side, current CFO Alex Sink is vying to become the first women Governor of the Sunshine State.

Sink, who had no real primary opponent to speak of, now is in race to define herself before Rick Scott throws the kitchen sink (can't help myself) at her, as evidenced by Sink's roll out of her "It's the economy stupid" ad on this station barely 4 hours after her primary win was put to bed. Just ask Bill McCollum. McCollum failed to define himself at the outset of the primary season and then spent the rest of the campaign trying to change perceptions about his record created by Scott's media blitzkrieg.

Anyone who thinks this race is Sink's to lose is living in a parallel universe. This race is straight down middle at this point. Sure Scott has big time baggage. Most of the "experts" predicted his close personal relationship with nearly $2 Billion dollars in fraudulent healthcare claims would render his campaign a loser on primary day. They were wrong. Even a statewide push by Jeb Bush couldn't stop the Scott Express from rolling over McCollum. Sink is a banker - and the last time I checked - bankers are ranked just below lawyers, car salesman and insurance folks in the least admired poll. Both candidates are open to attack.

In Sink's corner, she has 400,000 more potential Democratic voters than fellow Democratic Jim Davis had when he lost by 340,000 votes to then-Republican Charlie Crist. (Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in Florida by about 700,000 this election year) In Rick Scott's corner - another check from his personal account for $50 million.

The keys to the Florida Gubernatorial Kingdom will run through the 2.4 million independent voters in the Sunshine State this election season.

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