Could Purported Sex Scandal Put Healthcare Over the Top?

D.C. has often been referred to as "Hollywood for Ugly People"  And why not, the Nation's Capital goes toe-to-toe with tinsel town when it comes to salacious stories of sex and power.  Now a low-watt scandal may actually lead to the passage of the most sweeping Healthcare reform in a generation. 

Seems a little-known Congressman from Upstate N.Y. - Eric Massa has been accused of having a Mark Foley Problem -- If you remember, Foley was the Republican Florida Congressman who resigned after it came to light that he was sending male staffers harassing texts and emails. 

So where's the twist? Well - Massa is aDemocrat, not a Republican - So how does this help Team Pelosi pass Healthcare?  Simple - Massa voted against the prior version of the bill.  So, at 5p today when Massa will reportedly tender his resignation, Pelosi will need 216 votes, not the 217 votes needed before Massa quit.  It's called addition by subtraction.  Remember, you only need a majority of sitting House members.

The airwaves have been filled with talk about the planned use of "reconciliation" to pass Healthcare.  Many Republicans have referred to its use as "dirty pool" by the Democratic Majority.   Clearly they have amnesia...  Reconciliation, which has been around since 1974, has been used 21 times since 1981.  Sixteen of those times it was used by a Republican President to pass legislation, including Reagan's tax increasesand the Bush tax cuts.  (that's roughly 76% of the time)

Here's the dirty little secret about Healthcare -- you can have two of the following - Quality, Access and Affordability in your Healthcare.  You can't have all three...

Have A Great Week.  Dare To Be Great!