NFL Edges al Qaeda for Villain of the Decade

It's that time of the decade when lists are compiled of best and worst...  Although I think it's a colossal waste of time... I'll play along this time...

It would be too easy to pick Bin Laden and his murderous band of al qaeda thugs as the biggest villains of this past decade.  (Also, I think is just plain wrong to give the award to a foreign group).  Accordingly, I have placed al qaeda in a special lifetime achievement category for Villainous Activity and made them ineligible for this award...

My finalists for Villain of The Decade came down to Mark Burnett, the creator of the Survivor series and the reality TV genre, OR the NationalFootball League, purveyors of America's favorite sports past time.

And the winner of The Farrell Files Villain of The Decade is....  The National Football League

Why the NFL?  For starters, the NFL spent the entire decade denying their former players were suffering various illnesses related to repeated concussions on the field, when available science clearly stated otherwise.  

The second is much more personal... How in the world did FOX, ESPN, NBC and CBS allow the NFL to begin broadcasting its own game on the NFL Network...  A cable network that no one seems to be able to find...

This was never more evident than on Christmas Night. 

I was overjoyed to learn last week that the NFL had finally decided to schedule a game on Christmas this year.  The game - San Diego v. Tennessee even appeared, on paper, to be competitive. 

Since I spend the equivalent of a car payment on cable each month - I was certain that I'd be able to find the NFL Network somewhere among the 700 channels that my cable provider force feeds me.  (Did you know that we now have channels with 4 digits?) 

As the clock ticked toward the 7:30pm kickoff -- I furiously searched the dial for the NFL Network.  Nothing...although I did learn during my search that I have access not only to the "Jewelry Network" but also to the "Gem Network" and 3 versions of BBC America.  Who would have thunk?

In desperation -- I decided to search my cable provider's website to see if I could order the channel.   A search of the "NFL Network" brought up nothing.

I know there a bigger problems in the world - like healthcare, Jon and Kate's future or who'll do the recruiting for Florida Football during Urban Meyer's health sabbatical... But something needs to be done about this un-American operation known as the NFL Network.. (cue Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The U.S.A")

Speaking of Gator Football Coach Urban Meyer.  If you watched Meyer's Sunday afternoon pressconference, as he stumbled through questions about his health, it was painful.  Jocks don't do well when the questions move past talking about "coaching em up" or "giving 110%"  

Now you know why Tiger Woods decided against a press conference when his recent personal issues came to light...  

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve.

Until we meet again in the New Year...  Dare To Be Great!