Healthcare Bill Hits MTV's Jersey Shore Cast Where it Hurts


Do Harry Reid and Senate Democrats have it out for the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore?  They must... Last night's passage of the Healthcare Reform bill places a 10% tax on the use of indoor tanning salons... My thoughts go out to Snookie and The Situation in their time of mourning.


Good news for the Real Housewives of Orange County, New York, New Jersey and Atlanta... a proposed tax on botox was pulled from the bill at the last minute... Although there are rumblings that the "botax" may roar back to life when the Senate sits down with the folks in the House to create the final bill.


On a serious note - health insurance stocks hit a 50yr high on Friday after the deal to get the 60th vote in the Senate was announced...  So much for taking on the Health Insurance industry...


What is it with these Breakfast Food Scandals?


Last week it was Tiger Woods and his purported tryst with an Orlando Perkins Pancake Manager.  This week another breakfast food scandal has erupted -- this time out of Tallahassee...  


Governor Crist has launched an investigation into the use of the terms "pancakes" and "waffles" by the Florida's Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Kopelousos in three emails dealing with the CSX Rail Purchase Legislation, which has since become law. 


Why does this matter?  Well, if it was done to purposely hide information from the public  -- that is problem.  Now here's the hook.  It doesn't appear that there any laws on the books that make the use of code words in state correspondence illegal. 


Use of these terms makes total sense to me, since most of the work the folks in Tallahassee do ends up churning out tons of another breakfast food -- Pork!


Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!


Until We Meet Again -- Dare To Be Great.