Night Putting with the Perkins Manager

Any red-blooded American male over the age of 35 worth their salt knows that Ty Webb's roommate in Caddy Shack (no, not Bob Hope) was kicked out of college for night putting with the Dean's Daughter...

The same fate doesn't appear to be the case for the World's Greatest Golfer.  Sure Eldrick "Tiger" Woods has lost a couple endorsement deals -- mostly because the ad slogans hit a little too close to home (Gillette - "The Best a Man Can Get "& Accenture "Go Ahead, Become a Tiger")

But the PGA is begging him to come back.  When Woods joined the tour in 1997, the tour prize money was $70 Million.  As of last year, the PGA's prize money in excess of a $270 Million.  Most folks refer to this as the Tiger Effect...

If Woods never swings another club for money -- he will still be considered one of the two greatest golfers of all time.  (Jack Nicklaus - the other with 18 majors).

Do me a favor - the next time someone you know feigns shock over the meltdown of Tiger's made-for-tv life - tell them to take a penalty stroke --

It's laughable that anyone would be surprised by Tiger's late night operation.  The evidence was abundant that the family man on the commercials didn't quite jibe with the real-life El Tigre.  Woods counted among his best friends - B-Ballers Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. 

Barkley is nearing Zsa Zsa Gabor's record for trips down the wedding aisle and Jordan recently ended up paying an estimated $150 Million to his long-suffering wife in a record-setting divorce.  Couple that with Tiger's frequent trips to the casino, and you have a life more in line with Hugh Hefner than Father Knows Best. 

Tiger did more than most - he admitted in print that he had committed infidelities during his marriage.  That's more than most wimpy politicians ever do. 

Woods doesn't need to ever pick up a club again to be considered among the greatest to play the game of the golf.

Most people still talk about the great careers of Mickey Mantle and Michael Jordan -- choosing to ignore their obvious failings on the family front.

And the same will be true for Tiger. 

But Americans do love a comeback story and I believe El Tigre will eventually give them one.

The only folks who really stand to lose if he doesn't?

The 125 players on the PGA tour who rely on Tiger to provide the prize money.